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If you are a (potential) casino player from Sweden, you might have noticed that there’s a lot of buzz around casinos with and casinos without a Swedish license. Naturally, you would assume that you should only play at licensed Swedish casinos but you might want to reconsider. Key word being “might”.

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Casino Without Swedish License

Let’s get one thing out of the way first, just because a casino doesn’t have a Swedish license, that doesn’t mean that playing at the casino is illegal. It’s actually a bit more complicated than that and we’re going to try our best to explain why you should consider playing at online casinos without a Swedish License but why you should also not disregard licensed ones.
Join us as we dive deep into the rabbit hole that of licensed and unlicensed Swedish casinos.

What exactly are Casinos WITH a Swedish License

Casinos with a Swedish License
First of all, you should NEVER play at a casino without a gambling license. A casino without a gambling license simply isn’t safe because nothing is stopping it from just taking your money and never giving anything back.

Many countries/governments can issue licenses such as Malta, Curacao, United Kingdom and such. Whenever you are looking at a new online casino, make sure it has one of these licenses (or any other legit ones) and you will be good to go.

Now, a Swedish License is different. A Swedish license is mostly there to protect the wellbeing of Swedes who like gambling online. A casino that receives the Swedish license means that it has been approved by the Swedish Gambling Authority. This means that the casino has all the necessary preventions and limitations to help Swedish players not get addicted to gambling.

To sum up: A casino with a Swedish License OFFERS LESS but is MORE SECURE

And what about Casinos WITHOUT a Swedish License?

A casino without Swedish license are casinos that are still legal but they just haven’t been approved by the Swedish Gambing Authority. They are still very much legal and as a Swiss player you can play at them without batting an eye. Most importantly, many casinos without a Swedish License are welcoming to Swedish players.

You might be asking why couldn’t these other online casinos get the Swedish license? Well, there are several reasons for this:

  • Maybe they got rejected because they couldn’t meet all the demands
  • Maybe they are waiting to get their Swedish license
  • Maybe the Swedish Gambling license is too expensive or too much of a bother
  • Maybe they just DON’T WANT the Swedish Gambling license

Why would they not want a Swedish Gambling License? Indeed, many online casinos can have multiple licenses, in fact a lot of the safest online gambling sites will often have the UK and the Malta gambling license, so why wouldn’t some online casinos want an extra license?

Basically, in order to get a Swedish Gambling License, a casino would get a bunch of limitations. It would, however, gain a bunch of safety features that are approved by the Swedish Gaming Authority but at the same time, they would also lose a lot of things that casino players love.

So to sum up: A casino without a Swedish License is OFFERS MORE but, generally, has LESS SAFETY FEATURES

What are the limitations of licensed Swedish Casinos?

Before we talk about the good, let’s start with the bad. Casinos with the Swedish license have been approved by the Swedish Government. In their eyes, these casinos are the only safe casinos where players from Sweden should play (key word being “should”).

Because players from Sweden have been known to have a problem with gambling addiction, the government has done everything they could to make online casinos as safe as they can be. Banning online gambling was out of the question, so instead, they just placed in a lot of restrictions and limitations.

So here are the limitations:

  • Only one (welcome) bonus per player
  • No credit pay
  • Must only have gaming providers approved by the Swedish Gamgling Authority
  • All players that withdraw funds must be identified by their Bank ID
  • Casinos must have limits for deposits and withdrawals
  • Every players gambling history must be noted
  • A lot of responsible gaming preventions need to be used
  • The casino must use Spelpaus

As you can see, there are a lot of restrictions, but there are also some benefits too. In most cases, we imagine that most casino players, once they see this list, would probably not want to play at Swedish casinos. But don’t do that yet! There is a reason why all of these are important and as we continue, we’ll explain why all of these limitations have the best intentions.

Bäst bettingsidor Utan Licens

Only one (welcome) bonus

One of the biggest draws of most online casinos (without a Swedish license) are the bonuses. Almost all casino players love bonuses and they often pick a casino based on the number of bonuses (provided that the bonuses are good, of course).

More bonuses = More chance of getting addicted

More bonuses means more player engagement. More player engagement means more chance that a player might get addicted to online gambling. Seeing how this is the one thing that the Swedish Government is trying to avoid, it does make sense that they would limit casinos to having just one bonus. Bonuses at licensed Swedish casinos are treated more as an advertisement than a gambling benefit so less players are likely to develop an addiction.

Verifiera din identitet

All players must be identified with their Bank ID

This one is a very intrusive tactic, in our opinion. In order to keep tabs on all Swiss casino players, the Swedish Gambling Authority has made it mandatory that all players who withdraw must link their Bank ID.

Even though most of us play at casinos for the possible profit, not all of us are lucky enough to ever get a chance to withdraw money from the casino. If you do happen to get lucky for a withdrawal, then it’s safe to assume that you are a frequent gambler and that you will withdraw more in the future. For that reason alone, you become a much bigger target of gambling addiction.

After all, nothing hurts like winning big and then slowly losing it all. When you link your Bank ID, it will automatically activate a bunch of safety methods. The casino sends a warning to the Swedish Gambling Authority if you should start spending money uncontrollably and the authority will do their best to stop you. Are you starting to see how these limitations aren’t all that bad?

betting utan svensk licens trustly

Limitations on deposits and withdrawals

This one is a no brainer. If you want to deposit a lot of money, you will be stopped from overspending. If you want to withdraw a lot of money, you will also be stopped so it doesn’t go to your head.

Like we already mentioned, Sweden is no stranger to dealing with problem gamblers and they know exactly how much of a power boost it can be to get a huge withdrawal. You’ve all heard the story of someone winning it big only to use it all for another gamblig session. In the end they lose all their winnings, their stash and the house (okay, maybe not that last part). You get the idea. When playing a casino with a Swedish license you can only deposit up to a certain amount and the same goes for withdrawing funds.

casino utan spelpaus och svensk licens


Spelpause is the pride and joy of the Swedish Gambling Authority. It is their baby that has saved many players from becoming addicted to gambling.

“Spelpaus” means “Pause/Stop Playing” in Swedish and just like its name suggests, it stops players from playing casino games. How does it do that? It blocks your account from access the casino?

“So, what? I’ll just play at another licensed Swedish Casino ”, is something you might be thinking. Well, you can’t, and that’s the beauty of Spelpaus.

Spelpaus blocks your access to ALL CASINOS with a Swedish license

See, every licensed Swedish casino needs to have Spelpaus, not just to stop people from gambling at their site, but on every other licensed casino as well. Once Spelpaus kicks in, all licensed Swedish casinos suddenly get a message that they can’t let you play (ALL OF THEM!). Oh, and don’t try to create new accounts, use VPNs and what-not because Spelpaus already has your credentials, IP address and Bank ID. It’s truly the ultimate prevention from playing at online casinos.

If you think you might have a problem, turn on Spelpaus

The thing is, Spelpaus only activates when the player wants it to activate.
This story may sound familiar to you: You just lost a lot of money at the casino (a bit more than you would have liked) and you say to yourself “I’m taking a long break from online gambling”. Unfortunately, the very next day/week you are back on the horse and gambling your troubles away. Well, with Spelpaus that “long break” can either be 1,3,6 or an indefinite number of months. Once you select one of these and turn on Spelpaus, there is no going back. You have to take that long break from casinos. If you choose the last option (Indefinite) you can turn off Spelpaus but only after, at least, 12 months.

In the end, Spelpaus is a very effective way to stop you from getting addicted to gambling. We at highly suggest that you activate Spelpause if you start spending more than you originally intended.

Spelpaus is a fantastic preventive to help players not get addicted to gambling. If you find yourself spending more than you initially intended or you find it difficult to stop playing, we urge you to turn Spelpaus on.

The benefits of playing at a casino with a Swedish License

Even though we just talked about the limitations, we imagine that many of you might see them as “cons” of playing at licensed Swedish casinos. In a way, we suppose that this is be true for many. With that said, there are clear benefits to having a Swedish license. Here are some of them:

  • pro green Safe gambling environment
  • pro green No taxes on winnings
  • pro green Instant play and access to exclusive payment methods
spela på casino utan svensk licens och spelpaus

Safe gambling environment

If we haven’t been clear by this point, let us say it again. All the precautions set up by the Swedish Gambling Authority are there to stop you from developing a gambling addiction. In most online casinos (without a Swedish license), you’ll have a bunch of optional safety methods. You can adjust how much you want to spend, how long you want to play, etc.

At licensed, Swedish casinos, these are on by default. Combine that with Spelpaus that flat-out stop you from playing, and you’ve got a list of online casinos where you have the least chance of getting addicted.


No taxes on winnings

In casinos with a Swedish license, you won’t ever have to pay taxes on your winnings. The casino has to pay all the taxes and all you have to do is enjoy your winnings. This may not be the case with all online casinos.
Truth be told, in most online casinos we review, the winnings are not taxed but there are definitely online casinos that have implemented some form of taxes. It all depends on the license of the casino in question.

Casinos in the EU are tax-free

Casinos without a Swedish license that are licensed in the EU (those that have the MGA Malta Gambling Authority) license usually don’t have any taxes but some of them may have a special rule for players from Sweden. Other casinos may just not allow Swedish players from participating at all, just so they could avoid the confusing taxation.

Casinos outside the EU can have winning taxes

Now, casinos without a Swedish license that are located outside Europe, is where the taxes start piling up. In general, you’ll be looking at a 30% tax on all your winnings. This is especially true for USA casinos that just love to tax all of their players and have super strict gambling laws.

Casinos with a Swedish licenses don’t have winning taxes

In the end, your safest bet (forgive the pun) is that you play at Swedish Casinos as they are all required to be tax free. On the other hand, you risk being taxed for your winnings unless you are willing to do some research on that particular casino’s taxation method. And let’s face it, most of us can’t be bothered to go through all that.

Verifiera din identitet

Instant Play and exclusive payment methods

Something that most casino players hate is the long registration process. Have you ever come across a new online casino that you wanted to play at only to stop at the registration screen? Yeah, we’ve been there too.

Many online casinos with a Swedish license have a solution. Enter: instat play. Thanks to Bank ID, Trustly, Swiss and other Swedish payment methods, players from Sweden usually won’t have to waste a lot of time with lengthy registrations before they can start playing casino games. Many casinos with the Swedish license let players register using their Trustly accounts (or even their Bank ID). These payment methods help players register with only a few clicks and their data is already available to the casino (for better or worse).

Now, it should also be noted that it’s not impossible to find a casino without Swedish license that still has these payment methods. In fact, there are quite a few Trustly casinos without a Swedish License that have proven to be great casinos.

The only payment method that you won’t find in any Casino without Swedish license is Swiss. This is a Swedish only payment method that only casinos with a Swedish license can possess. If this is your only way of paying for casino games, then your hands are pretty much tied.

So, what’s the deal with casinos without Swedish license?

Now that we talked about all the pros and cons about licensed casinos, let’s talk about unlicensed one and why these just might be better suited for you.

As we already mentioned, Swedish players aren’t forbidden from playing at casinos without Swedish license. They are merely… discouraged for safety reasons.

Now, before you go thinking that you aren’t safe at playing at these casinos, that is absolutely not true. All the casinos without a Swedish license we review have responsible gaming preventions but players have to turn them on manually.

So, in short: Casinos without a Swedish license are safe, just not AS SAFE AS casinos with a Swedish license (at least for Swedish players).

The benefits of Casinos without a Swedish License

Now, let’s talk about all the wonderful things that make (new) casinos without a license so attractive. In general, these casinos offer a lot more than licensed casinos but at the cost of having more opportunities to get addicted to gambling. These are:

  • pro green A casino without a license can have more than one bonus
  • pro green More software providers
  • pro green Faster slots (no pause between spins)
  • pro green No need to link your Bank ID

More than one bonus

This one speaks for itself. Casinos that don’t have a Swedish License can have more than one bonus and most of them take full advantage of this. Even though all new casinos without Swedish license offer different bonuses, most have at least a few welcome bonuses, at least one reload bonus, cashback rewards and a VIP system. In short, casinos without a Swedish license have a lot of benefits that might make players want to stay for longer.

More software providers

Normally, it’s not too hard for a software provider to get approved by the Swedish Gambling Authority. After all, most slots play the same way with a few exceptions. With that said, some software providers may not want to be approved because they don’t want their games in gambling environment with so many restrictions.

Whatever the case may be, there are more software providers in casinos without Swedish license. If you want to experience many of the famous games that may not be available in casinos with a Swedish license, you’ll have to take the unlicensed route.

Faster slots

For some very, very strange reason, there is a rule for slots that all casinos with a Swedish license must follow. The rule is all about slot speed. See, when you play slots, especially, when you have a lot of spins, you may want to use them as fast as possible. This is exactly the reason why the auto-spin button exists. Naturally, if you just want to use up the spins as fast as you can, you’ll click on that spin button and watch those reels spin.

At casinos with a Swedish license, you can’t do this (as effectively). Instead, after each spin, you will have to wait for three seconds. Apparently, this is to reduce the adrenaline rush because if things start going too fast, players may get addicted faster (yeah, we aren’t sure about this one either). For whatever reason, this is what you have to deal with at casinos with a Swedish license.

At casinos without a Swedish license, not only can you play them without the annoying 3 second delay, but you can even enable turbo-mode. We’re gonna be honest: we don’t get why the Swedish Gambling Authority thinks that this might prevent gambling addiction but we’re gonna trust their judgment.

No need to link your Bank ID

Many players don’t like anyone to know about their gaming habit. This is especially true for banks. As soon as a player uses a credit card of direct bank payments to make a deposit and withdrawals, the bank is going to know that they have an online gambler as one of their clients. This is a very common practice with casinos that have the Swedish license since players are expected to link their Bank ID.

Casinos without a Swedish license are much more anonymous-friendly than that. Not only can you use various payment methods that won’t link back to your bank account but you can actually go full anonymous with your deposits by using cryptocurrency. To play at a casino while being anonymous can be really important for many reasons that we won’t list here.

Needless to say, players who wish to remain a bit more anonymous are probably going to prefer unlicensed casinos because they won’t keep as many tabs on them as casinos with the Swedish license.

Which one should you choose?

Now that you know both the pros and cons of both casinos with and casinos without a Swedish license, one question remains: Which one should you pick?

The fact is, we can’t really decide this one for you. What we can do however, is guide you to the correct answer. In our opinion, it all comes down to this question?

Do you think you might get addicted to online gambling?

If the answer is “yes”, and there’s no shame in admitting that it is, licensed Swedish casinos are the way to go. Sure, they do have a bunch of limitations that may just limit your fun factor, but you’ll be in safe hands. And if all else fails, just fire up Spilpaus and say “goodbye” to all your worries.

If you are more confident in your willpower, then you may want to try playing at casinos without a Swedish license. You are going to have a much better time with all the bonuses, software providers and less limitations. However, you also need to manually turn on all responsible gaming filters and manage your funds. There also won’t be a Spilpaus feature to save you.

In our time reviewing casinos, we’ve come across people who have been playing for years and never had a gambling problem. At the same time, we also encountered players who got addicted after only a few spins on the reels. The most important thing is that you recognize what kind of a player you are and do everything you can to control your gaming urges.

In the end, casinos are meant to be entertaining and nothing is entertaining when it turns into an addiction.Thank you for reading, have fun and play responsibly.

Skribent: Stefan Andersson

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